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This extension helps you automatically claim Twitch channel points while also auto claim drops.Twitch Channel Points Auto Claimer - Twiclips is an extension consisting of Twitch channel points auto clicker and Twitch drops auto claimer. It focuses on improving your experience on  Twitch channel points claim and auto claim Twitch Drops are the key function for the extension.
- Auto claim Twitch channel points
- Auto claim Twitch drops.
- Claim records
- Claim history summary
- Function switch control

How to use:
1. Install Twitch Channel Points Auto Claimer -Twiclips
2. Go to an active Twitch channel, and make sure the function switch of the extension  is turned on.
3. Watch the stream as normal, or keep the stream playing. Twitch Channel Points Auto Claimer will automatically claim channel points or drops when the conditions are met.
名称 Twitch Channel Points Auto Claimer -Twiclips
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