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The extension that can provide Discord chat log export, batch export of video, images and such attachments in Discord chat history.A practical extension that can provide Discord chat log export, batch download of video, images, audios and such Discord attachments in Discord chat history.

    ○ Export Discord chat log or chat history for free.
    ○ Export file formats include CSV, HTML.
    ○ Provide date and time filtering to quickly get the chat log you need.
    ○ Support batch download of Discord attachments, including videos, images, audios and so on.
    ○ Visualization of pictures and video files.
    ○ Download Discord pfp.

How to use
1. View the time period of the required downloads such as Discord chat logs, Discord attachments, etc. on the Discord channel page.
2. Open this Discord chat exporter, select start date time, end date and time and confirm.
3. Select the part you want to export or download and click the download button.
名称 Discordmate - Discord Chat Exporter
插件标识 ofjlibelpafmdhigfgggickpejfomamk
平台 Chrome
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版本号 1.0.4
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