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Generates summary of any readable web page using ChatGPT with just a single click.Are you constantly bogged down by long articles and ever growing read later list? Do you wish you had a way to quickly grasp the summary. Look no further than the ReaderGPT, a ChatGPT powered Extension!

The extension offers:
1. Generating bullet points summary for the article.
2. Change of the ChatGPT prompt to customise the summary.
3. Extension supports using both OpenAI API Key as well as ChatGPT login.
4. Some example prompts:
  - Summarise the following article in 3 concise bullet points.
  - Summarise the following article in 50 words.
  - Translate the following text to Spanish.
  - Simplify the following text for a five years old.
  - Write a caption based on the following text.

This extension uses parses the readable content from the page and pass it along to the ChatGPT along with the prompt to generate a summary that captures the most important points. 

With the ChatGPT Summary Generator Chrome Extension, you'll save time, stay informed, and never have to wade through lengthy content again. Try it out today and see just how much more efficient your reading and research can be!
名称 ReaderGPT: ChatGPT based Web Page Summariser
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