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Vimeo Downloader, Volume Booster, AutoPlay, Speed Controller, Picture in Picture, Movie Mode, all features are supported.The extension is a collection of tools for Vimeo. Check the features list below for more quality of life improvement features.

✔Vimeo Downloader🌟🌟🌟
   - Download video from and download embedded vimeo video from any web
✔Volume Control
  - 600% volume above max and distortion prevention
✔Vimeo AutoPlay
 - Make videos on Vimeo automatically play when they are loaded
✔Speed Controller
 - Speed up or slow down video playback
✔Picture in Picture
 - Watch videos in picture in picture mode. You can watch videos while interacting with other sites
✔Movie Mode To Watch Video
  - Simulate the cinema effect, feel like watching a movie in the theater

How to use:
1. Add the extension to your browser.
2. Turn on the feature you want to use.
名称 Vimeo Tools - Improve Experience
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