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Your AI research assistant for understanding scientific literature.Your AI research assistant for discovering and analyzing scientific literature.

With SciSpace, you no longer have to open new tabs and Google unfamiliar concepts every time you come across one.

Just ask SciSpace for research-backed explanations or summaries for any text, maths, and tables in any research paper, technical blog post, or report you’re reading. You can also ask follow-up questions, and it will give you answers with citations.

With SciSpace for Chrome, you can:

👌 Simplify technical language — SciSpace gives you simple explanations for jargon, acronyms, and complex paragraphs. All you need to do is highlight them.

🤿 Delve deeper while learning — Choose from SciSpace’s preset questions or ask your own if you have doubts while reading an article.

🔢 Understand math and tables in PDFs — Clip unfamiliar math equations or tables using SciSpace to find out what exactly they mean.

🌐 Toggle between multiple languages — Interact with SciSpace in 13 languages and get explanations in your native language.

🔖 Bookmark the URL — Save any article or PDF to your collection in SciSpace. Come back to it any time and pick up right where you left.

📡 Find related papers – Discover research papers related to any passage you highlight.

What’s new:

Literature Review – Want to inquire about a research question or topic you have in mind? Ask the Lit. Review tool and find insights from 270 million+ papers in the SciSpace repository.

Citations in answers – No more fake references or misinformation. Copilot now gives a citation with every answer along with the location of the source.
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