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Ask anything while you browseEver found yourself buried in browser tabs, trying to find that one answer or summary that makes everything clear? Perplexity is your go-to solution—a harmonious blend of ChatGPT and Google, designed to serve your curiosity instantly.

Features You'll Love:

🔍 Instant Page Summaries: Make sense of any article or webpage at a glance.

🎙 Quick Queries: Ask any question directly from your toolbar—no need to jump between tabs.

🔗 Contextual Understanding: Get answers relevant to your current page or even specific to your current domain.

📬 Shareable Insights: Easily share your discoveries with a clickable link.

💬 Dynamic Conversations: Click to ask follow-up questions for deeper understanding.
名称 Perplexity - AI Companion
插件标识 hlgbcneanomplepojfcnclggenpcoldo
平台 Chrome
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版本号 1.0.21
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更新时间 2024-06-28 00:00:00