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Vertical tab management from your side panel with support for tab groups, multiple windows, and much more.Tab Shelf brings vertical tabs to Chrome via the side panel.

It also includes a variety of tab management features such as selecting tabs to sleep, filtering by tab group and window, moving tabs between tab groups and windows, and editing tab group metadata.

You can also use rules to automatically group tabs based on which websites they're on.

Tab Shelf’s minimalist design and simple user experience make it feel like an integral part of your Chrome browser.


* View, navigate, and manage your tabs, tab groups, and windows from the side panel.
* Use rules to automatically group tabs from specific websites.
* Use one of 20 colors to make your tab groups standup (compared to the default 9 in the tab bar).
* Filter tabs by windows, your own tab groups, pinned tabs, playing audio, or hostname.
* Search for tabs.
* Quickly create tab groups or move tabs between groups or windows from a selection of tabs (or by dragging and dropping).
* Sleep multiple tabs at one go to save memory.
* Copy multiple tab URLs to your clipboard.
* Supports light and dark mode switching. It also includes options for 20 different accent colors to better match your Chrome theme.


You can launch Tab Shelf in a number of ways:
1. Opening the Chrome side panel via the toolbar button (on the right-hand side, next to your profile button) and selecting Tab Shelf.
2. Pinning the Tab Shelf extension button to the toolbar. This allows you to open Tab Shelf in a single click.

You can also use the default keyboard shortcut to quickly open Tab Shelf:
* On Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Shift + P
* On macOS: Command + Shift + P

For a more detailed user guide, please visit:

Disclaimer: This extension requires at least Chrome 114 in order for side panel integration to work.

CHANGELOG - v2024.1.0


* Auto-grouping tabs based on hostname rules.
* Customizable pop-up buttons for tabs and tab group headers.
* Improved auto-resizing of pinned tabs.
* Default keyboard shortcut to toggle the Tab Shelf panel (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P).
* Option to close all tabs above or below a selected tab.
* Selecting tabs in the horizontal tab bar now syncs with tab selection in Tab Shelf.
* New color picker replaces the dropdown accent color picker in settings.


* More responsive favicon / tab icon refreshing.
* Tab group colors are correctly restored when reloading sessions after browser updates.


* Pop-up notifications have been removed.
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