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Makes the Internet open and your data safe. Topnotch VPN from the creators of famous ad blocker.AdGuard VPN — the best free solution for your online security from the creators of famous ad blocker.

Encrypt your connection, hide your IP address and websites you visit from anyone (including your Internet provider) and ensure anonymous browsing on the web. Conceal your location and unblock geographically restricted websites or content with no limitations on traffic.

For 10 years AdGuard ad blocker has been protecting its users from annoying ads and spying trackers. Today, over 25 million people worldwide trust AdGuard with their privacy, so we added the brand new tool to even further strengthen their cyber security — AdGuard VPN. 

Complementary to all the features any modern VPN has, AdGuard VPN has something more to offer — it’s integrated with other AdGuard products and provides protection from tracking and malware. Join us and surf safely!

More on why you need AdGuard VPN:

Advanced Privacy Protection 

Protect your data from hackers, prevent identity theft and browse safely without any trackers watching your actions!
AdGuard keeps your location a secret, changes your IP address, encrypts every piece of information you send out and makes it impossible to snoop on your traffic. 
You can easily hide your identity online, ensure public WiFi security when connecting to unknown networks and rest assured about your online shopping safety. 

Unblock websites and content

It doesn’t matter what your location is, access content from all around the globe which may not be otherwise available in your area:
- watch videos on streaming platforms (YouTube, Netflix, HBO...),
- listen to music on audio streaming services (Pandora, Spotify, BBC iPlayer...),
- connect to social media and other messaging apps (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype...)
- see local geo-targeted special offers 
- bypass firewall and visit websites blocked due to censorship

Speed & Unlimited Traffic 

AdGuard VPN makes sure your page loading times stay low and downloading speed high, and does not have any limits on the processed traffic.

No Logging Policy

Bottomline: We don’t store or collect data on your web surfing. See all the details in our [privacy policy]. 

Stay in touch
Support team: support@adguard.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdGuard
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adguarden
Official website: https://adguard.com

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