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Automatically record & transcribe Google Meet for FREE. 500k+ userstl;dv is the most popular meeting recorder & AI note taker for Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 

Get started in seconds ⏰In a matter of clicks, you can:

- 🎥 Automatically record Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings
- 💬 Receive highly accurate Google Meet transcription with Speaker Labels 
- 🌎 Transcribe in 20+ languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and many more
- 📌 Receive instant AI Summaries with our AI Meeting Note taker 
- 🔗 Share links to recordings automatically to Slack, E-Mail and Zapier
- 🔍 Search your call library for any word spoken in meetings
- 💡 Integrates call insights directly into CRMs like Salesforce or Hubspot
- 🎞 Edit Google Meet recording & create clips
- ✔ Revisit and edit meeting action points and takeaways
- 🙋‍♀️ Tag stakeholders and colleagues at any point during call
- 📝 Democratize and simplify meeting minutes
- ✍ Take notes during Google Meet call
- ⬇ Take videos offline with the Google Meet recording downloader

More than 1 Million users have already leveled up their remote meetings with tl;dv 🙌

Say goodbye to back-to-backs. Empower your team to catch up on meetings in minutes 🦸‍♀️

Want a slice of productivity? Asynchronous communication is a piece of cake with tl;dv 🍰

**tl;dv is best meeting recording software for:**

- 🔧 Product & Engineering
- 🤝 Sales & Customer Success
- 📣 UX Research
- 👩‍💼 Recruitment & HR

tl;dv is a free alternative to and Fireflies.

Your security and privacy is extremely important to us:
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